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Vassar welcomes the class of 2011

This is just the incoming freshman class…

Members of the class of 2011 include a student who spent eight months after high school working with street children in Cambodia, two dancers with professional ballet companies, a singer who performed at Carnegie Hall, a U.S. orienteering champion and national team member, the three-time NY state champion in constitutional debate, two professional film actors, several published authors and poets, a competitor in the National Spelling Bee, the creator of a clothing label featured in Outlook magazine, an intern with Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, Junior Olympics competitors in fencing, cycling, and volleyball, 23 Eagle Scout/Girl Scout Golds, the prolific writer of more than 50 songs, numerous musicians in state-wide, regional, or professional orchestras, successful business owners whose products and services include jewelry, jewelry boxes, cakes, technology assistance, and dogs, five black belt holders in Karate or Tae Kwon Do, a hot-air balloon pilot, a winner of national awards for guinea-pig breeding, and a professional radio DJ, fashion model, and make-up artist

The thing I like about Vassar is we get the kids who strove to do this stuff themselves. Not the kids whose parents forced them to do extra stuff (of course I’m not saying that these kids don’t have parents who pushed them into all this, but it’s more like a big turn-off if kids have a huge list of accomplishments and only did them for the sake of a huge list of accomplishments.) These kids are amazing. Odd, eclectic, wacky, and amazing.

I’m reminding myself of these things so I don’t run upstairs (working in the office today – yes, it’s a Sunday) to chat with the elephant who moved in upstairs — athletic guy who walks barefoot all the time–so hard the lamps on my ceiling clank — not just shake, but clank. I’ll give him a week to get settled.

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