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Vacation started to feel like vacation after a few days

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Hard to believe I’ve been away for over a week. Here’s the run-down–

  • Ran away from the office, packed in a scatter, and threw everything in the car.
  • Stopped in Richmond, VA to meet an associate I met at a conference to meet his team who do similar work (only seem to get more done.) Had dinner with his family, shared code with the team.
  • Arrived in Charlotte, NC just in time to hang out with Heather’s co-workers. Felt good to dance.
  • Did a little too much work from NC, but that’s the price I paid for not getting it all done before I left
  • Had a great Thanksgiving meal with friends. Smoked the turkey — came out perfect, as did everything.
  • Spent the day after Thanksgiving turning board games into drinking games.
  • Bought a ticket to the Bahamas — going in mid-December just because I can.
  • Spent too much time in my favorite bead store
  • Survived a trip to Barnes and Noble
  • Went to my first NFL game
  • Went to my favorite dive for dinner of fried pickles and a burger that had chili, cheese, and cole slaw — yes, on the burger
  • Went back to the bead store for more
  • Trying to figure out what to do with all the beads, silver, and my new silver hammer and steel mini anvil
  • Leaving tomorrow to go to Norfolk, Va to see Heather, who left this morning on a business trip
  • Taking my time Wed. to get to Atlantic City to see Jason and Angela.
  • Returning home Sunday

Then it’s 2 weeks of work, then more time off. I could actually survive the year!

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Something keeps creeping into my thoughts and did so strongly when I was out for a walk today: what in the world can I do for Mrs. Mucci on Thanksgiving Day — it’s the anniversary of the accident and she’s really upset about it. I’m just going to call her that day, but I just keep wracking my brain for anything else I can do. I know she puts fresh flowers in Garrett’s room regularly so I thought of having some sent, but I don’t want him fixated on the anniversary so I prefer to bring him flowers at happy times.

I think I’m just avoiding the fact that there’s nothing I can do but call her and let her yell and cry, but I already do that every week. Seems like I should do something more on that day.

Seriously, I’m in a good mood and my day is going very well — I’m just taking care of details for when I’ll be on vacation and that is one of those things.

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