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Pictures from the trip

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Pictures from the Bahamas posted here:

Just a couple days isn’t enough of a trip, but it was relaxing. I did nothing but what I decided to do before I got there: spend as much time outdoors as possible and finish a book I’ve been trying to finish for a couple months. Accomplished both.

Now I need a new book….

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happy new year’s eve

Been a good trip. Garrett had a great time at Christmas and birthday. Went down to southern NJ for dinner with the Bailey’s Friday night — not enough time. I think I’ll head down weekend after next. For this weekend I think I’ll go home. With all this travel my house is a disaster.

Oh – car had it’s latest boo-boo this week – back window broke into little pieces while I was out. No known cause, possibly someone threw something. Will be fixed today. Will be picking glass out of the back seat and trunk for a while.

Adding 61 tracks to iTunes

Current mood: contemplative

My mind is going down memory lane as I convert my latest textbook to audio. I’m waiting for the 61 sections of the “player’s manual” for the project management simulation to import into iTunes. I’ll have to listen to the 100 pages of boredom by Friday, 2pm, when class begins. Last class for the MBA. Then it’s the thesis and I’m done.

The sound of the audio voice, called Diane, made me cringe. Not only from recalling the hours upon hours of hearing that voice driving back and forth to Albany, but I also realized I have to put my latest project of memorizing The Beatles songs on hold for a few weeks. Only had 4 more albums to go. OK, I don’t have them memorized, but close.

Driving back from Virginia I decided to put the white album on repeat play. Just saw in iTunes that I listened to it 6 times (until I had to switch to the traffic report in Philly.) Music made all the difference on the trip. Thanks guys!

Work is insane. It’s not like others can simply fill in for me on everything while I’m away, although it has gotten better. Still, it all piles up. I have just one week left to get everything done by the end of the year. I’m leaving for the Bahamas on the 16th, returning the 20th, class the 21st and 22nd. Oy. I have to leave my car with my folks, who are taking it in for new tires, inspection, etc., for Christmas. Normally I object to receiving things for a holiday I don’t celebrate personally, but I kept my mouth shut. I need tires, and they never listen anyway.

My schedule is insane, but I’m trying to work in time for everyone this time of year as usual. I’m heading up to Albany next week for a dinner with classmates; attending various holiday gatherings which are not conveniently scheduled in close proximity, and still working in time for myself. Not sure how Dec. 24-29 with Garrett will go — I spent the last two years totally with him myself, and not sure how things will change now that his grandmother will be home. I’m hoping I can free things up for her so she can get out of the house for herself, with an appropriate balance of letting her take care of me as she’ll want to do (and insist on.) Not sure if I’m escaping to Boston again on the 30th — for some reason everyone thinks it’s nuts to drive to Boston for 1 day for my brother’s birthday, but they didn’t think so for the past 3 years in a row. Kind of a tradition now. We’ll see. In NJ for New Year’s, can’t wait. Then, a week to transition back to work.

Will be strange having my roommate gone for 9 months; the professor is going on sabbatical and will be in Italy. I get my reading room back, and I plan on using it. Visitors welcome.

Back to homework…… 1.6 hours for 100 pages. Not bad.