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Hoping my friends get well soon

Chantelle is doing well — should be out of the hospital in another day. Heather and I came down with a bug from the kids — I mended quickly, but I hope Heather feels better soon!

Lots of back-and-forth to the hospital and Hyde Park in the last two weeks. I had a great time with my co-workers in New York last Friday — we took a field trip to visit some museums and catch up since things have been just insane at work. Can’t believe college classes are back in session. As for me, I have one more class, Feb. 8, then that’s done. Once I finish the thesis I haven’t started I’ll get my MBA.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, these past two weeks, although certainly crazy and stressful, were filled with a high level of humor, and little angst. Made sure I got enough sleep and all that jazz.

Happy to see out my back window again

Current mood: contemplative

Car fixed. Yay! I came home last night. Brrrr. Too much snow in my parking space to park there. Hopefully it will melt soon.

I am so not ready to go back to work. I hardly made a dent in catching up on sleep lost over the past two years. Getting there though. Going to make a conscious effort to get out of the office on time or early.

Really struggling with the opportunity I’ve been given at work: to propose my promotion. Everything I come up with is more work and the whole point is to format a job (and the transition to that new job) to fit into a M-F 8:30-5 schedule vs. the exploited extra hours routine. Everything I come up with is overreaching (as my usual style.) I’m having a really hard time with this also because I used to go over all career moves (seriously) with Monica. She could tell when something would make me happy or miserable. I need to do it on my own and that is proving difficult. I think I came up with an idea, but still forming. I just don’t know what I want. For someone who seems to always have (or need) a plan it’s driving me nuts.

2007 was a tough year. For a couple years I had a regular troupe of friends to hang out with and now it seems like everyone has moved or moved on. There are no routines anymore. Find myself having my own little pity party too often and it’s time to do something about it. Taking 2008 one step at a time.

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