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This should be depressing, but it’s oddly not

When I get this one particular song in my head I just have to play it over and over and over and over. At least for an hour, and I could go all day, but I make myself stop. Instead of making me depressed it brings an sense of comfort, and at the same time this sense of strength — I feel better and a little energized when I hear it — appreciation of life I guess. I find it very strange.

I wish I could have been for you a more consistent friend
The chapters that I skipped I’m going to have to read again

But when I tear it down it only looks more ragged
And when I build it up it only looks more fake
But I can’t let it be because part of me died with you
And there’s lots of pages missing from my book
You had more to give than what I took.

Currently listening :
By Kevin Gilbert
Release date: 1995-03-21

Thank you for not living in Charleston

Heather and I are on our way back from a day trip Charleston. Beautiful day. I think we walked 10 miles. We guessed at the temperature when we got back to the car — she gussed 93 and I guessed 91.

It was 81.

A couple friends thought of moving there a couple years ago. I’m so glad they stayed in NJ. Beautiful city though.