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Another cake post, sort of

I’m attempting to make Barefoot Contessa’s Mixed Berry Pavlova for my mother’s birthday “cake.” She turns 67 today. And is on weight watchers so I loaded up a ton of fruit and cut back on the sugar — indulgence at 200 calories each if we slice it in 6 portions.

I’m going to take strawberries and make them into candle holders — slice off the top for a flat edge and stick each candle in the end. Not sure how many candles yet. 8 sounds about right. Not sure. And I forgot something to have “Happy Birthday” on top. Meant to look at the store to see if they had some kind of topper. Oh well. Candles are good. And I got cool ones — rainbow colors and the flame is supposed to match the color of the candle (blue candle has blue flame, green candle has green flame, etc.)

The folks are picking me up in 45 minutes to go walking around Rhinebeck (2 towns north.) We were originally going to go to the city, but dad thought otherwise. I knew he didn’t want to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge — something my mother has always wanted to do — so I told her I’d go down to the city with her when weather was cooler, before the installation of the waterfalls ends.

OK, enough stalling. I’ll take pictures of the big pile of fruit with birthday candles.

Finished audio book version of Slaughterhouse Five last night — it had an interview with Kurt Vonnegut at the end, along with this odd music mix with him reading from the book.

I wonder if this would work

So, I’m in line at the bookstore about to purchase ‘lunch’ and someone I know gets in line behind me. Suddenly I realize I have an odd purchase in my hands for the bookstore (e.g. mainly food) but that is the only place on campus that takes AmEx and I forgot lunch and cash at home. And then I got an idea — what if I posted every stupid excessive purchase I make — would that curb my consumption? That just might work. I think once a week if I ‘fess up to the stuff I didn’t need I might actually think twice AND not buy it.

Bottled water
Iced coffee (2)
Granola bars (2)
Vanilla wafers
Thai noodle bowl
A copy of Slaughterhouse Five

Currently reading :
Critical Chain Project Management, Second Edition
By Lawrence P. Leach