Monthly Archives: May 2011

We’re breaking things in pieces. Will we miss them as a whole?

Humans are good at taking things apart. We’re just not great at putting them back together. I know there’s a quote or a scene in a movie that says that better.

As I see posts about such things as dismantling journalism into it’s component parts, and think about how we’ve broken out CDs into individual songs we can download, [there must be a dozen or more instances of this] I wonder if we’ll lose site of the composition — like losing the feel of an album from start to finish, and more.

Are we destined for things all fractured into pieces? Or will those pieces turn into building blocks for future creativity (playlists are an example of that.)

This post is to get down a deep thought (not as deep as I can explore right now) and get back to work.

To ponder another time.