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300 training miles down. 3 months to go.

Feeling good about the half marathon finally. I wore out my first pair of shoes after 300 miles of training. I bought the same shoes after some others didn’t fit. They served me well on a 10.24 mile walk yesterday that helped me get over anxiety over being able to finish a half marathon. I have three months to add the last three miles and work on time — I’m really glad I did that. Continue reading

Week 7 – 100 miles

The idea is to stay below the Goal (white) line. That way I’m reaching my goal each week. This week I killed it and I still have two more outings planned. I’ve walked over 100 miles as of today in seven weeks.

Week 7 goal: 14 miles with a repeat of the second week of Couch to 5k

I set up a calendar with small incremental goals each week, ending in a half marathon. I started this because I couldn’t think of a satisfactory reason to say no to the challenge. So, each week I do a little bit more than the last — focussing on endurance. So far so good.

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