Gift Ideas

I’m not trying to be tacky. I’ve received many requests for ideas, wish lists, etc. for me and Max. This page is simply a place to find that information.

Max is just getting started with regular Legos (so, no more Duplo, please.)  No more Thomas the Train items, please (I LOVE that he’s making bridges and tunnels with the Lego — great combination.)

Wish Lists and Desired Items (updated Fall 2014)

We could do with less “stuff” and more activities.

Ideas for Max or both of us:

Stuff I’d get for myself if I could:

  • Kuerig coffee pods for bold of extra bold coffee (I have the self-fill pods, but for the life of me
  • Subscription (paper and online) to the Harvard Business Review (really)
  • Evernote Planner for 2015
  • Portable dishwasher (used or new, whatever color, big or little doesn’t matter as long as it works)

Amazon. Please sort by priority.


We’re set with standard items, but we get it — there’s a lot of cute stuff out there.  We’re overloaded on pajamas though.  Max is tall, so I’ve been getting size 6 items (he’s not that tall, but I hem and adjust clothes to extend how long we use them.)

Note: we’re good on PJs — that’s Grandma’s domain — and good on shoes (thanks to incredibly generous hand-me-downs (even some “we never got a chance to wear these” new items.)

I hope that helps!

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