Cooking: Slow Cooker Recipes

I thought a slow cooker would be a great way to cook a couple things a week and make enough to freeze.  That part works, but the problem is the food.  The first attempts rendered mush.  I’ve switched to using the slow cooker for part of the recipe — mainly cooking grains.

I tend to cook during the day on a weekend or overnight.  I use the slow cooker to make some ingredients that will be combined with others to make meals, rather than rely on it for a one-pot meal when I get home from work.

Recipes I’ve had success with


  • Always coat the slow cooker insert with some kind of oil.  I use coconut oil for oatmeal, olive oil for most other recipes.
  • Don’t lift the lid before it’s done.  If you do, add 20-30 minutes to the cooking time.
  • I have a stockpile of roasted vegetables — I dice up whatever looks good, about once every two weeks.  I can then add them to rice.
  • Rather than cook everything together, cook ingredients you can mix and match throughout the week.  I don’t like the microwave — things get too hot too fast, then cool down too fast; if I’m distracted by another (a phone call, the toddler) I have to start over.  Use a steamer — I can load up the steamer basket with a meal and put it in the fridge before work, then when I walk in the door I put it in, turn the knob to 30 minutes and I have dinner hot and ready whenever I am.  Need an hour?  It’ll likely hold that long.

Recipes I’d like to find/try

  • Curry
  • Brown rice

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