On the road to pursuing Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI)

I’ve decided to pick up where I left off when I completed my MBA and pursue PMP certification. I rejoined PMI as well as the local chapter (Hudson Valley) and attended my first meeting this week. It was fantastic – pleasantly greeted by sincere people who encouraged me to take the test sooner rather than in a year as I planned.

I’m looking into what is involved and making a plan. I’m taking the fact that I won the door prize (leather portfolio, pictured) as a sign, and looking forward to the next monthly meeting.

Working through a sea of tasks

I downloaded all my old tweets and went through the ones at the very beginning I finally get to see again and came across this:

Screenshot of tweet

Archived tweet from October 1, 2007

As I recall I never got that done.  The urgent overtook the important again.  Looking through my old tweets got me thinking about what has (and hasn’t) changed in the past 5 1/2 years.  Much has, very slowly.

I feel like I’m steering a ship.

I’m slowly turning the corner in the direction I want to go – a better quality of life and improved productivity.  I’m seeing results, but I feel like frustration is going to win over patience and defeat me.  Not yet, but it’s something that weighs on me daily. Continue reading

We’re breaking things in pieces. Will we miss them as a whole?

Humans are good at taking things apart. We’re just not great at putting them back together. I know there’s a quote or a scene in a movie that says that better.

As I see posts about such things as dismantling journalism into it’s component parts, and think about how we’ve broken out CDs into individual songs we can download, [there must be a dozen or more instances of this] I wonder if we’ll lose site of the composition — like losing the feel of an album from start to finish, and more.

Are we destined for things all fractured into pieces? Or will those pieces turn into building blocks for future creativity (playlists are an example of that.)

This post is to get down a deep thought (not as deep as I can explore right now) and get back to work.

To ponder another time.